Spanish judge orders arrest of 17 Salvadoran ex-military over 1989 murder of Jesuit priests

Journalists and Salvadoran bishop at scene of 1989 murder of Spanish Jesuits in El Salvador. Photo: El País
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• Five Spanish Jesuits among victims of military raid and summary executions •

A Spanish federal judge has issued an international arrest warrant for 17 Salvadoran military officers, including a former Minister of Defense, in relation to the 1989 killings of five Spanish Jesuits, a Salvadoran Jesuit colleague and the Jesuits housekeeper and her daughter at the height of El Salvador’s civil war.

On Nov. 16th 1989, Salvadoran soldiers burst onto the campus of the Central American University (UCA) in San Salvador, rounded up and executed the Jesuits and the two women. Among the murdered priests were the Spanish citizens Amando López, Juan Ramón Moreno, Segundo Montes and Ignacio Martín Baró and the UCA’s rector, Ignacio Ellacuria.

The Spanish judge has asked Interpol and the Salvadoran government to extradite the former army officers to Spain to stand trial, including former Salvadoran Defense Minister Rafael Humberto Larios and army Col. Inocente Orlando Montano, currently jailed in the United States on immigration fraud charges.

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