CUP party militants vote to block Artur Mas in Cataluña, but compromise deal still not ruled out

Photo: EFE
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• CUP rank-and-file rejects Mas, citing cutbacks and corruption charges

• If stalemate continues to Jan. 10th, new elections must be held in March

More than a month after Catalans went to the polls on Sept. 27th to elect a new regional government, Cataluña’s political process remains in stalemate as a weekend general assembly of the leftist CUP party rejected overwhelmingly to back interim Catalan president Artur Mas for a second term.

On two occasions since Sept. 27th, the CUP (Candidatura d’Unitat Popular, or People’s Unity Candidacy) has refused to free any of its 10 members in the new Catalan parliament to vote for instatement of Mas as the region’s new president. Mas’s Junts pel Sí (Together for Yes) coalition fell short of the number of votes needed to secure his selection and needs just two votes from the CUP or other parties to see him into his new term in office.

Under pressure from Junts pel Sí, the CUP leadership put the matter to a vote of by the party’s bases in an assembly over the weekend and again Mas was rejected by the party.

But with both Junts pel Sí and the CUP anxious to see the Catalan parliament dissolve and new elections called, CUP leader Antonio Baños has not ruled out an eventual agreement that would see the party supporting Mas in some fashion in order to break the stalemate.

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