Madrid demonstrators oppose Syria bombing, polls show public divided about going to war in Syria

Photo: AFP
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• Protesters gather to chant ‘No to War!’ in front of Reina Sofia museum

• Poll shows Spaniards split as to whether Spain should join in Syria bombing

An estimated 6,000 demonstrators chanting “No to War!” turned out in Madrid on Saturday Nov. 28th to protest against Spanish involvement in the international bombing campaign against Islamic State forces in Syria.

Meanwhile, new opinion polls show Spaniards are divided about how best to help France combat terrorism sponsored by Islamic State in the aftermath of the Nov. 13th terrorist attacks in Paris.

A poll published in the newspaper El Mundo on Sunday showed 49.3 percent of Spaniards opposed to bombing Islamic State troops and facilities in Syria, with 46.3 percent in favor. More than 54 percent of those polled were opposed to any participation in international military operations against Islamic State in Syria, with just 35 percent in favor.

A separate poll published by the conservative newspaper La Razón showed, however, that 69 percent of Spaniards do want to help France in some way in its fight against terrorism.

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