Spanish anti-war campaigners launch petition, call for peaceful Nov. 28th protests in cities nationwide

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• Call for peace demonstrations echoes 2004 protests after Madrid bombing

• Activist mayors, celebrities and 11-M victims’ group in support of protests

Anti-war activists in Spain, including left-of-center activist mayors and scores of entertainers and public personalities, have circulated an online petition and called for peaceful demonstrations on Nov. 28th in the country’s three largest cities to stem restrictions on civil liberties and escalation of aerial bombardments in Syria and Iraq in the wake of the Nov. 13th terrorist attacks in Paris.

The movement, under the slogan “Not in Our Name” (No en nuestro nombre), had gathered more than 5,000 signatures within hours of launch at the website (No to Their Wars), condemning Islamic terrorism while at the same time calling for a halt to the multi-national aerial bombardment campaign in Syria and Iraq. The petition summed up the principal motivations of the movement as:

“Against terrorism, against Islamophobia and against their wars.
Neither restricted liberties nor bombardments will bring us security and peace.
NOT in our name.”

Among signatories to the petition were the progressive activist mayors of alternative left mayors of Barcelona (Ada Colau), Zaragoza (Pedro Santiesteve), Cádiz (Jose María Gonzalez, Kichi) and La Coruña (Xulio Ferreiro), where peaceful protests will be held on Saturday.

Other signatories included well-known Spanish actors, TV presenters, environmentalists, writers, activists, journalists and members of the 11-M organization, representing victims of the March 11, 2004 Madrid train bombings by Al Qaeda-linked terrorists, which killed 191 people and injured more than 1,800.

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