PSOE leads field with women candidates on Dec. 20 ballot, with 50/50 top-of-list parity in all regions

Graphic: El País
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• Left parties promoting equality in candidates’ lists for general election

• All parties lag Socialists in male-female parity at top of regional tickets

Parties on the political left in Spain have met or exceeded the goals of 50/50 parity for male and female candidates on their parliamentary lists for the upcoming Dec. 20th general elections, according to a review of the candidate’s lists by national newspaper El País.

But while all parties on the left have reached parity for candidates overall, only the mainstay opposition Socialist party (PSOE) has presented lists with 50/50 parity among its lead candidates in races in all regions nationwide.

The ruling conservative Partido Popular (PP) and center-right challenger Ciudadanos both trail their opponents on the left in terms of overall women candidates, with just 46.67 percent of PP candidates and 44.8 percent of Ciudadanos candidates being female.

In terms of top-of-list candidates, no party has come close the PSOE’s 50/50 parity between male and female candidates: just 37 percent of Podemos’ lead candidates and 35 percent of the PP’s lead candidates being women, with Izquierda Unida (IU) and Ciudadanos far behind at 27 percent and 21 percent, respectively.

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