Power struggles, disagreements put brakes on left coalition campaigns in Dec. 20 elections

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• New-left Podemos, old-left Izquierda Unida fail to agree on national coalition

• A ‘broad front’ strategy left to local regional movements & parties to sort out

Internal party struggles and differences among parties over campaign strategies have put the brakes on the formation of coalition campaigns between the insurgent left Podemos party and other parties and activist movements for the upcoming Dec. 20 national elections.

In all but three of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions, Podemos has been thwarted in efforts to build united-left coalition strategies either by the left faction between Podemos itself or by strategic differences with rival left-wing parties or local activist movements.

In Galicia, Podemos will unite with the United Left (IU, Izquierda Unida) party and two smaller partners, while in Cataluna it will campaign on a ticket with IU, ICV and the Barcelona en Comú coalition of Barcelona mayor Ada Colau. In the Valencian community, Podemos will also run on a coalition ticket with the local Compromís coalition.

But, in the rest Spain, Podemos will be campaigning against regional tickets fielded by IU and by the Unidad Popular (Popular Unity) coalition of leftist parties and movements.

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