Socialist party seeks kinder, gentler labour reforms in appeal to both workers and business

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• Socialists treading fine line between labour and business

• PSOE sees voter concerns over unemployment key to election victory

Spain’s opposition Socialist party (PSOE) says it is courting the centrist vote in upcoming Dec. 20 national elections with a platform plank calling for labour reforms that appeal to Spanish workers while not alienating the country’s business sector.

The PSOE, which has slipped to third position behind the newcomer center-right Ciudadanos party in one pre-election poll, sees lagging employment and labour reforms that will put Spaniards back to work as key in the upcoming election.

The conservative governing Partido Popular (PP) has released figures showing that Spain’s unemployment is falling after a five-year economic crisis. Socialist party leader Pedro Sanchez has pointed out in pre-election campaign stumping, however, that national unemployment remains high at 21 percent and most of the new jobs in the economy are temporary and/or relatively poorly paid.

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