Madrid regional government readies materials and resources to provide assistance to refugees


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• Regional authorities in Madrid say they are ready to coordinate refugee aid

• Local governments, Spanish NGOs to provide assistance to Syrians on arrival

The regional government of Madrid has prepared a list of residential assistance materials and resources to care for arriving refugees, according to the region’s Minister of Presidency and Justice, Angel Garrido.

Since the establishment of the Office for Attention to Refugees by the Governing Council of Sept. 8, the regional government has been working through its Monitoring Commission to coordinate care for the refugees.

In its refugee relief efforts, the Madrid region is working in conjunction with Spanish federal government institutions, local government administrations including the city of Madrid’s municipal council, and non-governmental organizations specializing in asylum and refugee assistance, such as the Spanish Red Cross, CEAR (Comisión Española de Ayuda a Refugiados) and ACCEM .

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