Catalan support for independence waning, says Metroscopia poll

Photo: REUTERS/Albert Gea
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• Opinion poll shows four-point drop in backing for Cataluña independence

• Post-election survey also shows growing sentiment against Artur Mas

A new public opinion survey by Spanish polling firm Metroscopia shows support among Catalans for independence from Spain has fallen to 41 percent.

If accurate, the survey results would indicate a four-point drop in local support for Cataluña’s secession from Spain from the 45 percent support registered prior to Sept. 27 regional elections in Catalonia.

Published in the national daily newspaper El País, the Metroscopia poll also showed a drop in support for acting regional President Artur Mas, who has spearheaded separatists’ moves to obtain independence from Spain.

Nearly 75% of those polled by Metroscopia say they no longer want Mas to lead Catalonia’s autonomous regional government.

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