NGOFILE: Cruz Roja Española ~ Spanish Red Cross

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• Cruz Roja Española ~ Spanish Red Cross •

cruz-roja-espanolaThe Cruz Roja Española (Spanish Red Cross) is a voluntary, humanitarian institution that serves as the Spanish affiliate of the International Red Cross and operates independently in Spain at the local, provincial, regional and national levels as a humanitarian relief agency under the protection and patronage of the government of Spain and the Spanish Monarchy.

In addition to supporting the International Red Cross in the emergency humanitarian relief efforts for which it is widely known, the Spanish Red Cross also works at the local level throughout Spain to carry out its principal mission of alleviating poverty and social exclusion and attempting to improve the daily lives of the disadvantaged within Spanish society.

As part of this work, local Spanish Red Cross chapters across Spain distribute food and clothing, and provide social assistance, housing subsidies, counseling and other aid to help individuals with special needs, children at risk of poverty and social exclusion and families suffering the negative impacts of unemployment and underemployment.

The Spanish Red Cross receives funding from government agencies, through donations from individuals, businesses and partner organizations, and through the sale of gifts and Red Cross branded items via the organisation’s online store.

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Updated as of 10/2016

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