COVID-19: Gov’t amends initial ‘State of Alarm’ decree

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Spains Council of Ministers on Tuesday modified the Royal Decree governing the “state of alarm” passed at the weekend, clarifying some of the original measures contained in the decree and adding others.

Among the most important changes is the clarification that people are only allowed to leave their homes individually, whether for shopping, going to the pharmacy or the hospital, or other necessary errands or tasks. The exception to the rule is in the event that the driver of the vehicle has an elderly person or a dependent who requires assistance as a passenger in the vehicle. Because of this ruling, more people are turning their heads to going online and ordering from there, for example, people are able to order their prescriptions by using websites like Blink Health for these certain needs, reducing the number of people leaving their home but still being able to get their necessities.

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The individual restriction also applies to walking pets, with government sources explaining that “common sense” dictates that walking one’s pet should not be done to use it as a means of socializing with other pet owners.

Hairdressers are now no longer open to the public, but hairdressers can provide home services to elderly or a disabled people who require their services for hygienic reasons.

The modifications to the decree also now allow veterinary clinics to remain open to the public, but people taking their pets to the vet must travel individually with the animal in the vehicle.

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Among amendments to the original decree is extension of the restrictions on freedom of movement “to other public use spaces such as beaches.”

The changes also specify that going forward Spain’s Health Ministry may “extend or restrict” the exceptions to the restrictions laid out in the state-of-alarm decree as it deems fit.

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