Spain’s youth say ethnic, gender discrimination prevail

Students take Baccalaureate assessment exams at University of Málaga. Archive photo: Europa Press
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Results of an annual survey among Spanish youth show that seven out of 10 young people in Spain say they’ve been victims of discrimination, with more than half of the survey respondents saying that the discrimination has been on the basis of gender, national origin or ethnicity.

Conducted among 1,214 young people between the ages of 15 and 29, the survey shows that 55 percent of respondents said they’d been targeted by ethnic or racial discrimination, while 53.7 percent of survey participants said that young women suffered more discrimination than young men in Spain.

The survey results are contained in the “2019 Youth Barometer Report: Discrimination and Tolerance Towards Diversity”, issued this week by Reina Sofía Center on Adolescence and Youth of the Fundación de Ayuda contra la Drogadicción (FAD, Foundation for Aid Against Drug Addiction).

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National origin and ethnicity figured prominently as triggers for discrimination in the survey results, with 44.2 percent of young people who hold Spanish nationality saying they’d been victims of discrimination based on ethnic origin and 52.9 percent of migrant youth who do not hold Spanish nationality saying they’d been targeted because of their non-Spanish national origin.

According to the survey results, the perception of gender discrimination among young women is significantly greater than among their male counterparts, with 61.1 percent of the female respondents saying gender discrimination is prevalent in Spain, compared to just 45.8 percent of young male respondents. Conversely, 31.9 percent of respondents said that being a boy or young man doubles the possibilities of never having experienced discrimination.

Nearly half (45.6 percent) of young women responding to the survey said they suffered significantly more discrimination than young men, only 8.9 percent of whom said they suffered greater discrimination based on their gender.

In addition, 38.8 percent of the young women respondents said they suffered greater discrimination for their physical appearance than males, although 32.1 percent of young men responded that they, too, had been targeted for discrimination because of their appearance.

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