Spanish Catholic women push for equality within church

Organizers announce 1st March rallies for equality, women's rights within Spain's Catholic church. Photo: Europa Press
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Dozens of Catholic women’s groups have organized to hold rallies on Sunday March 1st in front of Spain’s principal Catholic cathedrals to make their demands for greater equality heard and express their hope that women and men can have an equal voice within the Spanish Catholic church.

Dubbed the Revuelta de Mujeres en la Iglesia (Revolt of Women within the Church), the movement and rallies in front of the cathedrals of Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia and Zaragoza have been organized by a dozen national groups and supported by many more local parish organizations across Spain, according to the organizers.

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At the top of the list of demands of the Revuelta movement is “a profound reform” within Spain’s Catholic church that the organizers say should end “discrimination” and deliver both “voice and vote” to Catholic women within the structures of their church, many of whom are great givers to their local establishments via or other tithe donations.


Noting that women traditionally are virtually “invisible” within the Catholic church hierarchy, the organizers of Sunday’s rallies said during a press conference announcing the rallies that they will continue to demand change “until equality becomes customary” within the church. If ultimately successful, they said they hope Spain will “never ever again” see a Spanish Bishops Conference that does not include women within the hierarchy.

Spain’s Revuelta movement is part of a global mobilization called by the international “Voices of Faith” initiative that creates events and groups of international networks “to empower Catholic women in local and global decision-making of the Catholic Church”.

Among the groups promoting the rallies nationwide in Spain are Women & Theology of Madrid, the Miriam Network of Ignatian Feminine Spirituality, the Colectivo Agar ecumenical feminist theological association, Mujeres de Alandar, the JEC student wing of the Catholic Action movement, Women Christian Professionals of Madrid, and the Association of Spanish Women Theologians. The rallies on Sunday have also been endorsed, among others, by the Conference of Spanish Religious Orders (CONFER).

Sunday’s rallies will commence at noon outside the cathedrals and organizers say they hope groups of Catholic women in other parts of Spain will also hold rallies in front of their local churches to demand greater equality for women within Spain’s Catholic church.

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