Major retailers jump into Spain’s booming solar market

Leroy Merlin residential solar installation. Photo: Expansión
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The Spanish subsidiary of French home-improvement chain Leroy Merlin is about to have some company in Spain’s retail solar-panel market, as Ikea, Expert, Tien21, Milar and other players in Spain’s home improvement retail industry enter the market this year.

Leroy Merlin posted a turnover of 34.4 million euros from its renewable energies division in Spain last year, driven by the installation of solar panels for single-family homes and apartment blocks, along with solar and other renewable energy systems for businesses across Spain. Not only is the solar industry booming in Europe but it’s also taking off in America too with the likes of homeowners using a clarke county roofing company to repair and reinforce their roofs in preparation to place solar panels on them and enter the world of renewable energy. Many solar panel installation services are bringing renewable energy to homes around the country – find more about which services are available near you by heading online. As the general population becomes increasingly aware of the environment and sustainability, the higher the demand is for more eco-friendly homes and this is an industry that is only expected to grow.

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This year, not only is Ikea pledged to enter the growing direct-to-consumer solar panel market, but other major home-improvement and appliances retailers in Spain are set to enter the market, taking advantage of a new agreement signed between the Spanish Federation of Electrodomestic Appliance Retailers and energy giants Iberdrola and Endesa. This is similar to other parts of the world, where many are looking for residential solar panels installation denver companies to help them in the USA, to name but one example.

According to Carlos Moreno-Figueroa, general secretary of the Spanish appliance retailers association, the target market for retailers consists of an estimated 10 million detached villas and chalets across Spain, only 5,000 of which currently have solar panels installed. “With an average installation cost of 5,000 to 7,000 euros, we’re talking about potential sales of 70 billion euros,” Moreno-Figueroa told the business daily. Lots of businesses are now using solar panels as a way to generate energy. Solar panels can be monitored using a specialist monitoring system (click here to learn more), so if there are any issues with the panels, they can be fixed quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the retailers mentioned above, Amazon already offers solar panel sales direct to consumers, while MediaMarkt and El Corte Inglés are focusing on serving the business end of the Spanish market with solar panel sales and installation services.

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