León program to help both homeless and their animals

Homeless man and his dog on a street in Spain. Photo: Animalshealth.es
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The Veterinary Hospital of the University of León and the Spanish Red Cross of León have announced they will open two legal clinics and provide basic veterinary care for the domestic pets accompanying homeless people as part of a joint comprehensive homeless assistance project in the province of León.

Spokespersons for the project say that homeless people in the city and province of León are often found to be accompanied by one or more animals, which create difficulties for them both because of existing restrictions on accessing homeless shelters and food banks with animals and because of their inability to always provide adequate food and veterinary care the animals.

Taking care of animals is a priority along with homelessness as they too are starving and do not have a place to rest. Many a time, people step in with dog accessories like beds, and toys for the homeless animals. Calming Dog Beds also come in handy at times as these stray animals sometimes carry scars and trauma from past owners or from their lives in the street.

In some cases, animals can be brought off the street and cleaned up then given the proper nutritional food to get their health back. It would be wise for those looking after them to check out dr. marty nature’s feast reviews to see what foods would be best to help them as they try and recover. Street animals typically aren’t well-nourished due to always consuming stale or unsanitary food and are not getting proper nutrition. This can weaken the immune system of animals and make them sick. Humans and animals, both, need to consume a nutritious diet to live a healthy life. Animal caretakers could include supplements from reliable e-stores (for example, Dr Marty Pets) in foods to help street dogs stay healthy, as well as make them fit to withstand the unwelcome problems that come with living on the streets.

As part of the project, the university’s Veterinary Hospital will attempt to help homeless people meet the minimum requirements for having a pet in Spain, providing them with free veterinary services in placing a microchip ID on the animal, de-worming and making sure the animals receive all mandatory vaccinations. For this purpose, there could be a rise in the number of people needed for vet jobs, as the hospital will no doubt require many veterinarians and nurses to help out in the clinics due to a surge in the number of people visiting for their pets’ check-up.

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At the same time, the Red Cross will provide legal counsel to the homeless to help ensure they have access to all basic social services, including adequate food and emergency shelter, as well as the possibility of accessing affordable housing options in the community.

The León project is one of several across Spain in which non-governmental organizations and local governments are recognizing the need to provide not only for the needs of the homeless, but also of the animals that accompany them on the streets.

Last week, the municipal council in Madrid announced that homeless people in Spain’s capital will no longer have to choose between finding shelter for the night or abandoning their pets. Now, according to the city government, the homeless in Madrid will be provided with food and shelter and their companion animals will also be ensured of food and veterinary treatment as part of the city’s Family Assistance programs.

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