Survey: Catalan independence support falls to 41.9pct

Official survey of Catalan regional Generalitat gov't shows support falling for independence. Photos: La Vanguardia, RTVE
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Results released Friday of a regular quarterly public-opinion survey taken by Catalonia’s regional Generalitat government shows that support among Catalans for independence has fallen to 41.9 percent, while the number of Catalans opposed to independence now stands at 48.9 percent.

The survey, titled Cosmopolitisme i localisme a Catalunya. 2019 and conducted by the Catalan governmental Centre d’Estudis d’Opinió de la Generalitat (CEO) over a three-week period ending on 7th October, the number of Catalans supporting independence is at the lowest level since June 2017, four months prior to the October 2017 independence referendum declared illegal by Spain’s Tribuna Constitucional.

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The results of the most-recent CEO survey show a steady erosion among the Catalan public of support for the pro-independence position in recent months, with the percentage of those in favour of the region’s secession from Spain having fallen 2 points since July and 6.5 percent since March of this year.

At the same time, anti-independence feelings have been on the rise in Catalonia, with the percentage of those against secession from Spain having increased half a point since July and 4.7 percentage points since March.

The quarterly opinion poll, which covers a broad range of sociological questions and is not restricted to politics, also asked survey participants about their feelings on immigration and found that one in five Catalans (20.6 percent) think the regional government should either impose strict limitations on the number of immigrants arriving to Catalonia or halt immigration to the region altogether. When asked about their reading habits, 28.3 percent of the survey participants said they had not read an single book in the past 12 months.

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