DOCUMENT: PSOE-Unidas Podemos coalition accord

Pedro Sánchez y Pablo Iglesias, 10-point agreement toward coalition government. Image: El Diario
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Follows is an English-language translation of the 10-point ‘pre-agreement’ toward a coalition government between the Socialist party (PSOE) and Unidas Podemos, signed by party leaders Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias on Tuesday…

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The PSOE and Unidas Podemos have reached a pre-agreement to form a progressive coalition government, positioning Spain as a reference in Europe in the protection of social rights, in line with the decision of (Spanish) citizens at the polls.

Both parties believe in the pressing need to assume a commitment to defend freedom, tolerance and respect for democratic values as guidelines for government action in keeping with that which best represents European traditions.

The details of the agreement will be made public in the coming days. At present, we are moving forward together in negotiations aimed at completing the structure and operation of the new government, which will be governed by the principles of coherence, loyalty and teamwork, as well as the most suitable formula for performance of the functions of government.

The top priorities for action of the progressive coalition government will focus on responding to the principal challenges facing Spanish society overall:

1.- Consolidate growth and job creation. Combat uncertainty in the labour market and guarantee decent, stable and quality employment.

2.- Work toward economic transformation and fight against corruption. Protect public services, especially education — including establishment of nursery schools for children from birth to three years of age — public health and care for dependents. Secure pensions for our elderly: ensuring the sustainability of the public pension system and index it to the cost of living. Housing as a right and not a mere commodity. Support for science as an engine of economic innovation and dignifying the working conditions of that sector. Recovery of talent that has emigrated abroad. Regulating the profusion of betting houses.

3.- Fight against climate change: a just ecological transition, the protection of our biodiversity and a guarantee of the dignified treatment of animals.

4.- Greater support for small- and mid-sized enterprises and autónomo (self-employed) workers. Bolster re-industrialization and the primary sector of the economy. Use government administration to provide the basis for the creation of wealth, welfare and employment, as well as promoting the digital economy.

5.- Approval of new rights that extend the recognition of people’s individual dignity, including the right to die with dignity through euthanasia; to safeguarding diversity and ensuring that Spain is a country of historical memory and dignity.

6.- Ensure that culture is a right and combat employment uncertainty in the culture sector. Foment sports as a bulwark of health, social integration and quality of life.

7.- Feminist policies: guarantee the safety, independence and freedom of women through a determined fight against gender violence, for equal pay, implementation of non-transferable paternal and maternal leave of equal length, the end of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, and advancement of a law establishing equality in the workplace.

8.- Reverse depopulation: provide decisive support for the so-called “empty Spain”.

9.- Guarantee co-existence in Catalonia: the Government of Spain will have as its priority the guaranteed co-existence and a return to normalcy in the political life of Catalonia. To that end, dialogue in Catalonia will be encouraged, looking for formulas of understanding and common ground, always within the framework of the Constitution. Catalonia’s position of autonomy will also be strengthened in order to ensure the adequate provision of the rights and services over which it holds jurisdiction. We will guarantee equality among all Spaniards.

10.- Economic justice and budgetary balance. The evaluation and control of public spending is essential for the maintenance of a solid and lasting welfare state. The Government will promote social policies and new rights within the parameters of Spain’s agreements with Europe on fiscal responsibility, that will result from a fair and progressive reform of the tax system that will align us with Europe and in which tax privileges will be eliminated.

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