Spain’s most conscientious recyclers are older women

Older women are most conscientious when it comes to recycling in Spain. Photo: Diario de Burgos
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? 83 percent of all women and nine of 10 women age 55-64 recycle in Spain
? 94% of Spaniards say recycling important, but 4 in 10 don’t always do so

Nearly all Spaniards say they see recycling of plastic containers, paper and glass as important to protecting the environment, but nearly half say they fall down on the job, sometimes failing to follow their better instincts. No matter where you live in the world, nowadays recycling is easier than ever. For example, if you live in Australia, there are lots of E-Waste Recycling Centres Australia that you can take your recycling too. Even in Spain, there are lots of places in which you can recycle.

According to a Barometro Social survey published on the occasion of Earth Day by polling organization IPSOS, women are the most conscientous when it comes to recycling, with 83 percent of Spain’s female population say they recycle regularly.

The demographic with the highest rate of recycling, according to the survey results, are women aged 55-64, with nine out of every 10 women in this age group saying they recycle regularly.

Fewer men recycle, with 78 percent of the country’s male population saying they recycle regularly. And, just five percent of all Spaniards say they never recycle anything, at all.

Beyond the recycling plastic containers, paper and glass in containers provided for that purpose in Spanish cities and towns, Spaniards are less consistent in the recycling of other waste products. According to the IPSOS poll, batteries and organic waste are recycled by more than 60 percent of the population, but electrical and electronic products by just half of Spaniards and furniture and personal belongings by 48 percent.

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