Men call out macho behaviour in #TúTambién campaign

#TúTambién campaign reminds Spanish men they, too, can be guilty of macho behavior. Image: YouTube
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► Video campaign reminds men they too can be guilty of ‘machista’ conduct ►

A social-media campaign featuring a video of male personalities from the world of sports, government, labour and entertainment is going viral in Spain under the hashtag #TúTambién (“You Too”), with the campaign video at YouTube garnering more than 13,000 views in the first 48 hours.

Launched by the Spanish daily newspaper El Diario on the fourth anniversary of its Micromachismos blog, the #TúTambién campaign video features well-known men calling out the sometimes subtle and often blatant ways in which men put down or fail to respect women — from ‘mansplaining’ to simply ignoring women or failure to appreciate childcare and domestic work performed by the women in their lives.


The #TúTambién video features Spanish comedian Joaquín Reyes; the film director Nacho Vigalondo; Alberto Garzón, general secretary of Izquierda Unida; Guille Galván, guitarist with Spanish rock band Vetusta Morla; Borja Sémper, spokesperson for the Partido Popular in the Basque parliament; Sitapha Savané, who plays basketball for Estudiantes in Spain’s ACB League and is a member of the Senegalese national basketball team; Ángel Gabilondo, spokesperson for the Socialist party (PSOE) in the Madrid assembly; Unai Sordo, general secretary of the CCO trade-union federation; and Judge Fernando Grande-Marlaska, president of the Penal chamber of Spain’s Audiencia Nacional court.

#TúTambién follows on last year’s #AmíTambién (“Me Too”) video and social-media campaign by Micromachismos, in which Spanish female personalities talked on camera about episodes in which they’d been subjected to “mansplaining”, ignored or disrespected by men in their personal and professional lives.


Last year’s #AmíTambién video featured actress and director Leticia Dolera; Inés Arrimadas, president of Ciudadanos in Catalan Parlament; singer and composer Eva Amaral; Elena Valenciano, European Parliament member for the Socialist party (PSOE); Carmen G. de la Cueva, writer and director of the magazine,’La Tribu’; Cristina Cifuentes, president of the Community of Madrid; television reporter Lucía Mbomío; Teresa Rodríguez, coordinator of Podemos in Andalucía; former Spanish professional basketball player Amaya Valdemoro; María Blasco, researcher and director of the National Center for Oncological Research; journalist Rosa María Calaf; and, model and actress Alba Galocha.

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