Activists to commemorate Internat’l Animal Rights Day

Animal-rights activists in 2016 annual protest in Madrid against animal cruelty. Photo: Igualdad Animal / Twitter
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► Igualdad Animal to mark IARD 2017, raising awareness over animal cruelty ►

Hundreds of animal-rights activists are slated to gather in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol on Saturday 9th December to raise public awareness about the cruelty to which animals are subjected across Spain on the eve of the 13th annual International Animal Rights Day (IARD) on Sunday.


Organized each year by international animal-rights organization Igualdad Animal (Animal Equality), Saturday’s protest event will mirror last year’s IARD commemoration, in which more than 400 activists and supporters of animal rights donned black and held photos of animals to draw attention to the suffering and deliberate killing of animals in Spain.

As in 2016, a front line of activists in the Puerta del Sol will hold animals that were killed under cruel conditions and the photographs displayed will depict animals identified through the the organization’s ongoing investigation into the conditions in which animals are held and meet their deaths across Spain, especially on farms and processing plants related to the food and clothing industry.

Igualdad Animal has called Saturday’s annual demonstration in Madrid for 11 a.m. in the Puerta del Sol, in front of the Calle Arenal.

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