#VIDEO: Bank evictions & the loss of health, jobs, homes

Homeowners' tell how mortgage woes, threat of bank evictions ruined health, cost their jobs. Photo: PAH / YouTube
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• Homeowners tell how mortgage woes led to health & job loss, then eviction
• Bank evictions continue at rate of 185 per day, say PAH anti-eviction activists

Spain’s Spain’s anti-eviction activist group Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca, (PAH, “Platform of Those Impacted by the Mortgage Crisis”) has released a video with testimony of six homeowners who under pressure of working long hours in an effort to make monthly mortgage payments suffered serious physical or mental health crises that cost them their jobs and landed them with eviction notices from the banks holding their mortgage notes. Whilst many companies are perfectly fair when it comes to getting a mortgage note maintained, others can be less so.

The video is part of the PAH’s ongoing campaign to raise public awareness about the real impact of bank evictions on normal individuals and families, more than 500,000 of which have been turned out of their homes at an average rate of 185 per day since Spain’s economic crisis began in 2008.


The anti-eviction activist group has presented political parties in Spain’s Congress of Deputies with draft legislation for a new housing law based on five measures designed to guarantee the right to affordable housing and safeguard homeowners and their families from bank evictions when they find themselves behind on their mortgage payments.

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