Pilar Bardem honored with ‘Film, Aid & Solidarity’ award

Pilar Bardem, awarded the first-ever Film, Aid & Solidarity prize by Spain's 'Academia de Cine'. Photo: Europa Press
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• ‘Academia de Cine’ cites decades of combining activism with TV, film career
• Goya winner Bardem is also mother of actors Javier, Carlos & Monica Bardem

Spain’s Academia de Cine has awarded actor Pilar Bardem with the motion-picture academy’s first ever “Film, Aid & Solidarity” prize (Cine, Ayuda y Solidaridad), honoring her many years of progressive activism in the areas of human rights, refugee assistance, domestic abuse and gender violence, as well as a her role as a founding member and president since 2003 of AISGE, the association which defends and manages the intellectual property rights of stage and film actors, performers and directors in Spain.

Bardem, winner of the Spanish film academy’s Goya award for Best Supporting Actress for the film Nadie hablará de nosotras cuando hayamos muerto (“Nobody Will Talk About Us When We Are Dead”), has combined a successful television and film career in Spain with her commitment and activism for progressive causes for decades, the Academy said in a statement announcing the prize.

Pilar Bardem was born in Sevilla in 1939 to Spanish actors Rafael Bardem and Matilde Muñoz Sampedro and was the sister of the late-Spanish filmmaker and screenwriter Juan Antonio Bardem, who was imprisoned during the Franco dictatorship because of the anti-fascist content of his films. She is also the mother of Spanish film actors Javier, Carlos and Monica Bardem and accompanied her son Javier to the 80th Annual Academy Awards in 2008, at which he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, dedicating it to her in Spanish during his acceptance speech.

Bardem began her acting career in 1965 and is well-known for her supporting roles in various television series in Spain, as well as five feature films. She has also won the Valladolid International Film Festival Award for Best Actress, Argentina’s ACE award for Best Supporting Actress and two Spanish Actors Union Awards for her performances.

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