#VIDEO: Igualdad Animal launches Corte Inglés petition

Igualdad Animal pressures El Corte Inglés over sale of eggs from caged birds. Photo: Igualdad Animal via YouTube
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• Animal-rights group wants end to sale of eggs from caged chickens by 2025
• Igualdad Animal issues video, petition to pressure for switch to free-range

Animal-rights group Igualdad Animal,  which advocates to prevent cruelty toward farm animals and animals in captivity in Spain and abroad, has launched a campaign calling on Spain’s department store and supermarket mega-chain El Corte Inglés to stop selling eggs to the public in its supermarkets across Spain that come from production facilities where cruel and inhumane conditions in round-the-clock operations cause suffering and death of untold thousands of animals each year.

The organization has issued a petition calling on the huge Spanish retail chain to join the German-owned supermarket chains Aldi and Lidl that operate in Spain, as well as more than 400 companies worldwide, who have already committed to ending the sale of eggs from caged hens in so-called “battery farms” by the year 2025.

Igualdad Animal says El Corte Inglés hopes to put off until 2030 any move toward offering only free-range eggs in its supermarkets and has issued a call for Spaniards to apply public pressure to the retail chain to convince it to move up the timeline to abandon the sale of eggs from caged chickens no later than 2025.


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