FAADA film to focus on animals in food, clothing supply

New FAADA documentary 'Empatia' (empathy) focuses on use of animals in food, clothing industries. Photo: YouTube
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• EMPATÍA documentary slated for release April 7th at cinemas across Spain
• Film to shed light on the use and abuse of animals for human consumption

FAADA, the Fundació para el Asesoramiento y Acción en Defensa de los Animales (Foundation for Advice and Action in Defense of Animals), is about to launch a new documentary in Spain aimed at raising awareness about the use and abuse of vast numbers of animals in the production of food and clothing that are consumed by Spaniards on a daily basis.

Titled EMPATÍA (‘EMPATHY’), the documentary in English and Spanish tells the story of filmmaker Ed Antoja who is commissioned to make a film about the habits of society that are harmful to animals — but having no previous interaction with the animal-protection movement, he first has to go about educating and convincing himself. The documentary chronicles his interaction with a member of FAADA and contrasts his initial doubts with the answers he finds about how humans can live and consume in ways that are more responsible toward animals and the environment.

Set for release on April 7th in movie theatres across Spain, EMPATÍA will look at the experiences of five different individuals who have adjusted their lifestyles to take the suffering of animals into account in their choice of food and clothing. The film also interviews experts on the issues involved in the use and abuse of animals in the supply of food and clothing to the human population in Spain and worldwide.


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