Barcelona’s Colau calls for united Catalan Left

Barcelona mayor Ada Colau calls on Catalan Left to join forces. Photo: Jordi Bataller / El Periódico
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• Barcelona mayor tells ‘En Comú Podem’ activists it’s time for Left to unite
• Colau promotes new regional leftwing party to be launched in April

Barcelona mayor Ada Colau has called on the progressive and leftwing parties comprising the En Comú Podem (In Common We Can) regional electoral coalition to put differences aside and unite in order to move beyond electoral tactics and turn their coalition into a longer-term political movement.

Colau made the remarks during a consultative conference called Saturday by En Comú Podem, the coalition that catapulted her into the mayor’s seat in Barcelona in May 2015 municipal elections and which is formed by her own Barcelona en Comú movement, the Initiative for Catalonia Greens (ICV) and United and Alternative Left, plus Podem, the Catalan affiliate of national anti-austerity party Podemos (We Can).

The conference was called to poll En Comú Podem activists as to whether they are in favor of joining in the new political party being promoted by Colau, which is slated to hold its inaugural constituent congress on 4th April.

The Barcelona mayor, a former anti-eviction activist told more than 200 assembled En Comú Podem activists on Saturday that it is time for the Catalan left to show courage and generosity in their dealings with each other and to join together to multiply their strength in local politics.

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