Survey shows high rates of university sexual assault

Survey shows high rate of violence against female university students. Photo: European Parliament via Noticias de la Ciencia
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• Survey shows 62 pct of students suffered or know victims of sexual assault
• Victims are 92 pct women, agressors 62 pct male students, 25 pct professors

A survey students at universities across Spain shows nearly two-thirds (62 percent) say they have either suffered sexual assault or personally know someone who has been victimized by sexual assault in their university.

The study published recently in the international research journal ‘Violence Against Women’ by researchers at Barcelona’s Community of Research on Excellence for All (CREA), shows that of 1,083 students surveyed from universities in Andalucía, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia and the Basque Country, fully 25 percent of the attacks against mostly female students have been carried out by professors at the institutions.

According to the study, 92 percent of the victims of sexual assault on university campuses in Spain are young women students and in 84 percent of the cases the attacker has been male. While professors were said to be responsible for the agression a quarter of the time, in nearly two-thirds of all cases (64 percent) the attacker was another student, nearly always male. Only 16 percent of victims said they did not know the agressor.

According to the study, in 91 percent of the cases the students who were victimized chose not to report the attack to university or police authorities, although 66 percent said they did tell friends or family members about the attacks.

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