More Spaniards leaving legacy gifts to NGOs

Teacher Ana Belén, among growing number of Spaniards remembering NGOs, causes in their wills. Photo: El Confidencial
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• Number of those leaving funds to NGOs, charities triples over past decade
•’Legado Solidario’ sees boom in legacy gifts to social-justice NGOs in future

A growing number of Spaniards are now leaving at least some of their legacy through their final will-and-testament to non-governmental and charitable organizations that support their favorite causes, representing what observers say is a growing social consciousness and a move away from a tradition in Spain of simply leaving money to the Catholic church as the only option to help the poor and the disadvantaged.

Over the last decade, the number of Spaniards who leave at least a partial legacy from their wills to non-governmental organizations working with refugees, the homeless, human rights and other social-justice causes has grown by 172 percent, according to a recently released survey from Legado Solidario, an umbrella organisations set up by some 20 NGOs in Spain to promote the idea of leaving part of one’s inheritance to non-governmental and charitable groups.

Last year, the NGOs represented by Legado Solidario reported the receipt of 316 legacy donations, up neraly 300 percent from the 116 donations that were received on average just a decade ago. According to the umbrella group, a “boom” is expected in the number of wills including legacy gifts to social-justice and charitable NGOs in Spain over the coming years, as the visibility of NGOs and the work they do in Spain increases and more NGOs publicize to their supporters that readily accept donations made through an individual’s final will.

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