#VIDEO: NGO marks 10 yrs fighting for animal rights

'Igualdad Animal' protest in Madrid against slaughterhouse cruelty to animals. Image: Igualdad Animal / YouTube
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• ‘Igualdad Animal’ releases video celebrating decade defending animal rights
• Spain-based international NGO works to prevent cruelty to animals in captivity

The Spain-based, international animal rights group Igualdad Animal (Animal Equality) has released a video celebrating the organization’s 10 years of advocacy in Spain and abroad for the protection of farm animals and other animals in captivity.

Launched in 2006 by a small group of activists protesting cruelty to animals in a Spanish slaughterhouse, the organisation has grown over the past decade to advocated against cruelty to all animals held in captivity, with Latin American operations in Venezuela and Mexico and offices in the UK, India, Germany and Italy, where it operates under the Animal Equality name.

As part of its mission, Igualdad Animal rescues animals from inhumane treatment, investigates the hidden realities and suffering that animals are forced to endure, raises public awareness and creates social debate through direct action and media outreach, and participates in the organization of peaceful demonstrations promoting veganism and animal rights.


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