Half of Spaniards know someone living in poverty

Nov 2016 'Save the Children' survey shows half of all Spaniards known someone living in poverty. Image: Save the Children
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• Save the Children survey shows 1/3 know someone who can’t heat their home
• Six in 10 people say gov’t does little, 54% would pay more tax to fight poverty

A survey conducted in Spain by international children’s rights advocacy organisation Save the Children shows that nearly half of all Spaniards personally know someone currently living in poverty and one in three know someone who cannot afford to heat their home or is unable to afford to eat meat or fish on a regular basis.

According to the survey, titled “Perception of Child Poverty in Spain” (Percepción de la pobreza infantil en España), seen of 10 Spaniards believe that the level of poverty is worse in Spain than in other, more developed countries of Europe and 90 percent of those surveyed say they are concerned over the situation of child poverty in Spain. Six in 10 respondents to the survey also said they believed the Spanish government’s policies and expenditures to combat poverty are insufficient and 54 percent of survey participants said they would be willing to pay more in taxes to improve public services toward combating poverty in Spain.

Conducted nationwide in mid-October among 1,300 adults aged 30-70 who defined their economic situation as generally stable, the survey also indicates that 17 percent of Spaniards have experienced poverty or found themselves on the brink of poverty at one time or another in their lives.

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