Nationwide rallies Dec. 12th to protest war in Syria

Peaceful demonstrations to be held in at least 13 cities Dec. 12th to protest war in Syria. Image: #NoALaGuerraSiria
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• Facebook campaign goes viral, anti-war demonstrations to be held in 13 cities
• Peaceful rallies to focus on plight of 470,000 war victims, 11 million refugees

A grassroots social-media campaign launched by three young Spaniards to raise awareness about the hundreds of thousands of victims of the ongoing war in Syria has gone viral under the hashtags #NoEstamosCiegos (‘We Are Not Blind) and #NoALaGuerraSiria (‘No the War in Syria’), with peaceful protest rallies now slated for Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and 10 other Spanish cities on the evening of the evening of December 12th.

The organisers of the campaign, initially launched on Facebook and quickly spreading via Twitter and other social media platforms, say they want to draw attention to “our rejection of the war in Syria and demand accountability of the Spanish government and the European Union” for not doing more to stop the war, which has claimed more than 470,000 victims and displaced an estimated 11 million people, creating one of the greatest humanitarian crises in history.

In just one week since the protest rallies were called for the Spanish capital of Madrid and second-largest city Barcelona, the movement has spread to Gijón, Valencia, Menorca, Zaragoza, Toledo, Salamanca, Tenerife, Ávila, Málaga, Sevilla and A Coruña, where peaceful demonstrations will be held at 6:30 pm on the evening of December 12th.

Additional cities are expected to sign-on to the anti-war demonstrations. More information can be found online at Facebook, here

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