Andalucian Socialist leader Díaz makes her move

PSOE-A leader and president of Andalucía, Susana Díaz. Photo: Paco Puentes / El País
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• Andalucian president says could serve as PSOE Gen Secretary simultaneously
• Brussels trip seen as part of effort to improve image in wake of Sánchez coup

A day after Andalucian Socialist party (PSOE-A) leader Susana Díaz began promoting the idea that she could easily serve simultaneously as President of Andalucia and as national general secretary of the PSOE, a spokesman for the regional government announced Díaz will travel to Brussels next week for a round of high-profile meetings with EU officials and to deliver a speech to a meeting of socialist members of the European parliament.

Díaz’s Brussels trip is being interpreted widely as a move to upgrade her image from that of regional political powerbroker in Spain to international stateswoman, part of an effort to shore up her reputation following the de facto role she played as principal leader of the intenal party coup that ousted former general secretary Pedro Sánchez from the PSOE leadership in October.

As Sánchez critics who supported the ouster chime in with support of Diaz’s contention that she would be able to both preside in Andalucia and run the national party, Sánchez is garnering support for a possible comeback among dissident leaders and the party bases.

On Saturday, the deposed Socialist leader will be in Valencia to launch a national tour of local and regional PSOE strongholds to drum up opposition to the party’s interim caretaker administration and to Diaz’s anticipated candidacy to lead the party.

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