Teenagers urge Congress to act to protect children

Spanish teenagers urged new legislation to protect children's rights. Photo: Pablo Blazquez / Save the Children
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• Save the Children campaign to combat child poverty, protection from violence
• Congressional reps say they’ll work to enact comprehensive child legislation

A group of Spanish teenagers aged 14-15 delivered some serious ‘homework’ tasks this week to the national Congress, saying they expected Spain’s elected representatives to work to improve the situation of children and youth across Spain.

The teenagers formed part of a campaign by Save the Children in Spain urging congressional representatives to do more during the new session of Congress to help end violence against children, combat child poverty, ensure equal access to education and protect migrant and refugee children. Save the Children says that children in Spain suffer the most serious and violent crimes and says that the country’s Congress needs to devise and implement a law directed specifically at protecting children from violence.

Representatives of the congressional Committee for the Rights of Children and Adolescents accepted the petition from the teenagers, saying they would work diligently to pass comprehensive legislation this year to ensure equal rights and protection for all children across Spain.

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