#VIDEO: Art centre replaces Franco women’s prison

Segovia's former Franco-era women's prison converted into art center. Photo: Carlos Pina / La Cárcel. Segovia Centro de Creación
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Galerias exhibition at Segovia’s La Carcel art centre through 16th October
• Contemporary art space focuses on women, repression and resistance

In the central Spanish city of Segovia, what was once a grim penitentiary for women during the early years of the dictatorship of Gen. Francisco Franco has been reclaimed as a contemporary arts centre showing works by Spanish artists focusing on the realities of repression and resistance.

Now known as the contemporary art centre La Cárcel. Segovia Centro de Creación, during the years 1946-56 Segovia’s former women’s prison held supporters or family members of supporters of the Republican government defeated in Spain’s 1936-39 Civil War along with women who had run afoul of government and church authorities in the post-war period under Franco.

Currently running through 16th October, the fourth edition of the annual Galerias exhibition at La Carcel focuses on the repression and isolation experienced by women who were incarcerated in the prison during the Franco years, as well as the problems and issues specific to the incarceration of women around the world today.


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