Women, youth, over-45s still struggling to find work

Spanish Red Cross works to help long-term, chronic unemployed find work. Photo: Cruz Roja via Europa Press
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• Red Cross says nearly a third of workers aged 45-plus still unable to find jobs
• Long-term unemployed have benefited least from recent employment rebound

Recent increases in the Spanish government’s official unemployment figures mask the difficult realities faced by women, youth and older workers over age 45, who are missing out on jobs along with the chronically unemployed, according to data released by the Spanish Red Cross and other groups.

The Red Cross has found that those unemployed workers over the age of 45 account for nearly one in three (27 percent) of the 15,000 individuals it has tried to help find work over the past year, while younger workers under the age of 30 account for another third of those who remain unemployed, despite the improvement in the government’s job figures. What’s more, women account for 9,600, nearly two-thirds, of the unemployed seeking help in finding a job through the Red Cross last year, showing women to be among those who have benefited least from Spain’s improved economy.

Government figures have also shown that of the 367,000 people who found work during the last trimester in Spain, less than a third (110,000) were long-term unemployed, suggesting that those most in need of finding work are being left behind in Spain’s economic recovery. In recognition of the special attention needed by the country’s chronically unemployed, the government has agreed to extend for another six months through February 2017 the basic monthly unemployment payment of 400 euros given to Spain’s long-term unemployed.

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