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women's link worldwideWomen’s Link Worldwide is an international organization with offices in Spain and Latin America that uses the power of legal action to promote social change and advance the human rights of women and girls worldwide, especially those facing multiple inequalities in their daily lives.

Founded in 2001, the organisation maintains offices in Madrid and Bogotá, Colombia, staffed by attorneys specialized in human rights and gender issues, with representatives throughout Latin America and expanding partnerships across East Africa.

Women’s Link Worldwide focuses its work on discrimination against women and girls, sexual and reproductive rights and gender-based violence, particularly emphasizing a transitional justice approach to systematic and widespread violations of human rights, as well as international gender crimes, human trafficking and sex slavery.

Unique in its application of a gender perspective and an intersectional analysis to human rights law, the work of Women’s Link Worldwide goes beyond the national, regional and international courtrooms in which it represents the rights of girls and women.

Leveraging its litigation and other legal processes to strengthen the overall infrastructure of human rights in the countries in which it operates, Women’s Link Worldwide also attempts to create public debate that raises awareness about the vulnerability of women and girls within those societies, while contributing to social movements that can help to transform social structures and better guarantee the protection of women’s and girls’ rights overall.

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Updated as of 07/2016

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