Greenpeace links environment, social justice issues

Children rally in Madrid's Puerta del Sol to raise awareness on climate change. Image: EFE/Pedro Armestre
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• Greenpeace España selects 35-year-old psychologist, activist as new director
• Daniel Fernández stresses need to link environment with social justice issues

The newly elected director of Greenpeace España, 35-year-old psychologist and environmental activist Daniel Fernández, says the principal task of the global environmental NGO’s Spanish affiliate moving forward is to help Spanish society understand the links that exist between climate change and the environment, and economic and social problems.

In an interview with the news agency Europa Press, Fernández said that the struggle against environmental damage, carbon emissions and climate change is far from over and there remains much to be done to raise awareness in Spain as to the importance of tackling those problems. But, he said, key to winning the fight to stem climate change will be the ability to help Spaniards make a clear connection between the social and economic problems they face and the ongoing environmental damage and carbon emissions in Spain and worldwide.

Fernández, who was selected in June to serve a two-year term as Greenpeace España and head of the organisation’s executive committee, said Greenpeace will continue to focus on climate change and the environment as the fundamental axis of its work in Spain, while carrying out campaigns and engaging in lobbying efforts designed to emphasize the need to tackle the world’s big environmental issues hand-in-hand with the ongoing battle for peace, social and economic justice worldwide.

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