#VIDEO: Animal-rights party PACMA increases vote

PACMA president Silvia Barquero leads supporters in celebration of 26J election results. Photo: PACMA via Vimeo
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• Partido Animalista nets 284.848 votes for 1.19% of total Congressional vote
• Party awarded no seats in Congress due to Electoral Law favoring incumbents

Spain’s animal-rights party PACMA won more than 284,000 votes for 1.19 percent of the national vote in Congressional races on Sunday, an increase of more than 64,000 votes over its vote total in December — but because of Spain’s skewed electoral law favoring incumbent parties over newcomers, it will have no seats when the new Congress is sworn in on 19th July.

Effectively shut out of the halls of congressional power, PACMA (Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal, or ‘Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals’) increased its performance at the polls to come within 1,400 votes in Sunday’s general election of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV-EAJ), which was awarded five seats in Congress. Spain’s sole animal-rights party also won more votes than either the Basque separatist party Bildu, awarded twwo seats, or the Coalición Canaria, which will have one seat in Congress that could be decisive in voting to determine who will be Spain’s next prime minister.

“Never has a party with so many votes been left out of the chambers of representation,” PACMA said in a statement following the release of the election results. “The Partido Animalista will work in this legislature, which it hopes will be fruitful and begin promptly with the formation of a government, to demand of the rest of the parties an immediate reform of the Electoral Law that has left PACMA without representation.”

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