Spaniards’ global solidarity exceeds rest of Europe

Spaniards show more global solidarity in new Pew Research Center report: 'Europeans Face the World Divided.' Image: PRC
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• Pew Research report sees Spaniards more outward-looking than rest of Europe
• Spaniards prefer rights, aid, diplomacy to military in resolving global problems

A new survey of 10 European nations by the Pew Research Center has found that although much of the continent is looking inward and is more averse to international engagement, Spaniards are among the most outward-looking Europeans and are more inclined toward international solidarity, favoring more development aid and less use of military to resolve global problems.

The center’s just-released ‘Europeans Face the World Divided’ survey shows Spain to have the highest rate of respondents (55 percent) in favor of helping other countries deal with their problems, with the fewest (40 percent) saying Spain should focus on its own problems and let other countries deal with their problems as best they can.

Spain also has the highest number of people (90 percent) wishing that Europe would play a greater role in world affairs, with only 6 percent saying Europe should be less active, and the greatest number of people (63 percent) saying that human rights and foreign aid should be “one of our country’s most important foreign policy goals.” Spain also had the greatest number of responses (33 percent) from those saying the use of military power in foreign affairs should be decreased, and the fewest number of responses (14 percent) saying military force should be beefed up as part of Europe’s foreign involvement.

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