#VIDEO: Flamenco artist lends voice to animal rights

Flamenco artist Niño de Elche and bull in 'Cante a Fadjen' video. Image: Capital Animal via YouTube
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• Capital Animal 2016 culminates with Niño de Elche ‘Flamenco protest’ concert
• Madrid arts collective raises public awareness about animal cruelty in Spain

A series of activities organized over several weeks in Madrid by the recently formed Capital Animal arts collective to support animal rights and protest bullfighting and bull-running festivals in Spain culminated earlier this month with a special ‘Animal Número’ concert at the Reina Sofia art museum by the “Flamenco protest artist” Paco Contreras, aka Niño de Elche.

The first annual Capital Animal 2016 festival ran from April through end-May in Spain’s capital city and included a series of workshops, roundtables, concerts and exhibitions, all taking the protection of animal rights as their starting point and seeking to raise public awareness about animal welfare and cruelty to animals in Spain.

Niño de Elche, who previously recorded a short video called Cante a Fadjen sponsored by Capital Animal and the Fondation Franz Weber (see below), rounded out the Capital Animal 2016 festival with a concert at the Reina Sofia, using music and sound to highlight the links and similarities that exist between humans’ mistreatment of animals and cruelty toward other humans.

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