Amnesty appeals to European empathy on refugees

Amnesty International España video appeals to empathy among Europeans for plight of refugees. Image: AI via YouTube
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• Amnesty España issues video to let Spaniards ‘experience’ refugees’ plight
• Campaign calls on Spain & EU to do more to resettle refugees in Greek camps

Amnistía Internacional España, the Spanish affiliate of global NGO Amnesty International, has issued a new video targeting the Spanish public as part of the global organisation’s campaign to generate European empathy for the plight of refugees from the Middle East and Africa and to put pressure on European governments to accept more of the refugees currently sheltered in temporary camps in Greece.

Part of Amnesty’s ongoing S.O.S. Europe campaign, the 2-minute video at YouTube with Spanish subtitles and voice-over released in Spain by Amnistía Internacional España aims to give Spaniards a taste of what it would be like to have to leave their own country as refugees and eperience the hardship and dangers involved in fleeing to a strange country in order to seek asylum.

Portraying what it might be like for a Spanish family to have to leave their home and make a journey the opposite way of today’s refugees to seek refuge in a strange country in Africa, the video ends by inviting viewers to click on the URL to learn more about the campaign and to sign a petition calling on President Mariano Rajoy to take action to ensure that Spain accepts more refuges from the temporary holding camps in Greece.

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