Spain says ready to accept 87 refugees from Greece

Bread line in refugee camp at Eleona in Athens, Greece. Photo: EFE via 20minutos
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• 87 refugees would bring total to 105 asylum seekers resettled by Spain to date
• 1,800 per month for rest of 2016 needed to meet EU pledge to accept 16,000

The Spanish government has agreed to accept the relocation of 87 refugees from camps in Greece once their transfer is approved by the Greek government, which would bring the total of refugees resettled by Spain to 105 out of 16,000 agreed to last year.

To comply with that target of resettling the 16,000 refugees Spain pledged to accept under the EU agreement of last year, an unlikely 1,800 refugees would have to be resettled in Spain each month through the end of 2016.

The 87 refugees who are expected to be transferred from Greece to Spain in the coming days are among 150 asylum seekers currently sheltered in camps in Greece and an additional 32 asylum seekers in Italy that the Spanish government said on March 1st it would accept for resettlement as soon as transfer permits are approved by the host countries.

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