#VIDEO: Podemos spokesperson Íñigo Errejón breaks two-week silence with press conference [in Spanish]

Íñigo Errejón in press conference, 29 March 2016. Photo: Podemos via YouTube
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• “New elections in Spain are neither necessary nor are they expedient” •

Podemos’ Congressional spokesperson Íñigo Errejón ended a two-week drought of public statements on Tuesday, acknowledging that he had disagreed with Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias over the latter’s sacking in early March of Sergio Pascual, an Errejón ally who had served in the key post of national coordinator of regional organization for the anti-austerity party.

In a 42-minute press conference (Full video, below) that followed a regular meeting of the Congressional committee of party spokespersons, Errejón also said party leaders want to put the Pascual incident behind them because “nobody gave us their vote for us look inward or gaze at our navels, but rather so we would come up with responses to the people’s desire for change … that’s what we’re doing and we’re deeply united on that.”

Regarding the scheduled March 30 meeting between Iglesias and Socialist Party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sánchez, Errejón said Podemos believes the Socialists have shown a “sincere desire” to reach agreement for a coalition “government of change” and that Podemos will move forward with a willingness to negotiate a “programmatic agreement” built around shared policies. On the question of cabinet seats in a coalition government, Errejón said only that Podemos believes the sharing out of cabinet-level posts should reflect the Dec. 20th general election vote totals secured by the parties who would form a coalition government.

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