NGO charges Spain, other EU border states with violation of women and children refugees’ rights

Syrian women and children refugees bound for Europe. Photo:
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• Thousands of children separated from mothers, never heard from again •

Amid the chaos of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers arriving to Europe every day, the basic human rights of untold numbers of children, migrant women and victims of human trafficking gangs are being ignored or violated as a result of the indifference of Spain and other European member Border States, says the director of an international women’s rights organization based in Spain.

Negligence on the part of the Spanish government is resulting in the disappearance of refugee and migrant children who are trafficked along with their mothers into Spain, with children then separated from their mothers either by Spanish immigration authorities or by the traffickers themselves and often never heard from again, according to Viviana Waisman of the organisation Women’s Link Worldwide.

Spain and other EU border states need to be held accountable for their failure to protect the basic rights of refugee and migrant women and children, says Waisman, with necessary mechanisms put into place to identify unaccompanied minors and potential trafficking victims, facilitating access to asylum and other protections for thousands of vulnerable refugee women and children.

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