Activists present 103,000 signatures urging end to government subsidies of wild animals in circus acts

Actors Lluvia Rojo and Nathalie Seseña join InfoCircos activists in presenting petiition to Culture Ministry. Photo: EFE
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• InfoCircos animal rights platform gathered 103,000 signatures in 30 days •

A group of five animal-rights NGOs working together under the umbrella platform InfoCircos have presented a petition with more than 103,000 signatures to Spain’s Ministry of Culture calling for an end to public subsidies of circus acts using wild animals in Spain.

InfoCircos, supported by Action in Defense of Animals (FAADA), Animanaturalis, the National Association for the Defense of Animals (ANDA), AAP Primadomus and Britain’s Born Free Foundation, gathered the 103,000 signatures in less than a month through an online petition at calling on the Culture ministry to promote entertainment events, such as theatre, dance and circuses without animals as an alternative to the use of wild animals by circus troupes in Spain.

InfoCircos has successfully campaigned for an end to local municipal subsidies of circus events using wild animals in towns and cities across Spain, where it says an average 18,000-20,0000 euros of local taxpayers money is spent underwriting performances each time one of the eight or nine traveling circuses in Spain that use wild animals comes to town.

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