Puppeteers jailed for ‘glorifying terrorism’ in satirical carnival show in Madrid released by judge

Madrid puppet show durng carnival alleged to "glorify terrorism" by prosecutors. Photo: The Guardian
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• Puppet show gone wrong embroiled Mayor Carmena’s gov’t in controversy •

A Madrid judge who ordered the release Wednesday of two puppeteers jailed for allegedly “glorifying terrorism” in a satirical puppet show that included a reference to Basque terrorist group ETA has maintained charges against them of abetting terrorism, while confiscating their passports and requiring them to make daily appearances before the court until their case is heard.

Raul Garcia and Alfonso Lazaro staged the puppet show during Madrid’s carnival celebrations, using a script that some spectators and prosecutors believed glorified the ETA terrorist group and that differed substantially from a story-line previously approved by the Madrid municipal council’s cultural affairs office.

Public outcry and political attacks by the conservative Popular Party (PP) on the Ahora Madrid-led governing coalition of Mayor Manuela Carmena were followed by the charges being filed by prosecutors, with the two puppeteers considered “flight risks” by the court and jailed for three days until their excarceration on Wednesday.

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