Podemos Deputies to be seated next to Socialists in Congress, as PSOE-Podemos tensions appear to ease

Podemos Deputies (lavender) to be seated alongside PSOE (red) on left-wing of Congress. Image: Congress of Deputies
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• PSOE’s Sánchez and Podemos’ Iglesias to share front row in new Congress •

In a sign of possible easing tensions between the Socialist party (PSOE) and its anti-austerity Podemos party rivals on the left, PSOE representatives on the governing Executive Board (Mesa Directiva) in Congress dropped previous objections and on Tuesday joined in a unanimous decision to grant Podemos a more visible seating arrangement in the lower chamber of Spain’s parliament.

After PSOE party leaders were reportedly infuriated by Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias’ Jan. 22nd demand to become Vice-President with six Podemos ministers in a PSOE-led government, the Socialist representatives on the Mesa introduced a plan that relegated Podemos’ new Deputies to seats in the so-called “nosebleed section” at the very back of the Congress.

Following Iglesias’ favorable comments on Monday about the program put forth by PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez to negotiate a progressive coalition government, on Tuesday the PSOE dropped its objections and agreed with all other party representatives on the Mesa to seat Podemos’ 65 deputies alongside the 90 deputies of the PSOE deputies on the left-wing of the Congress hall.

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