Supreme Court agrees to hear ‘discriminatory’ challenge to 2015 electricity ‘auto-consumo’ law

Solar panels in Zaragoza. Photo: Fernando Tomás / Wikimedia Commons
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• Environmentalists, solar producers & consumer organisations filed lawsuit •

Spain’s Supreme Court has agreed to consider a lawsuit filed by Greenpeace, Spanish environmentalists, renewable energy companies and activists against a law passed in 2015 by Spain’s Congress that regulates and penalizes the use of electricity produced off-the-grid by consumers.

The lawsuit, filed on Feb. 2nd and published Feb. 9th in Spain’s official gazette, the Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE), claims that the 2015 legislation is itself in violation of Spanish legal norms and legislation already in place in several of Spain’s regional communities.

The legal challenge further claims the 2015 law discourages the consumption of self-produced renewable energy, disincentivizing producers in a way that violates their right to freely compete in Spain’s energy market, while violating several EU directives to member states designed to encourage a transition toward 100 percent renewable, efficient and intelligent energy sources.

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