New polls show voters prefer PSOE-Ciudadanos pact, as support for PSOE-Podemos coalition on the wane

Metroscopia poll on political climate and voter intentions released Feb. 7th. Graphic: El País
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• PSOE-Ciudadanos only combo viewed positively in latest Metroscopia poll •

Results of two opinion polls just released show a clear preference by Spanish voters for a reformist coalition pact between the Socialist party (PSOE) and centre-right Ciudadanos party, rather than a leftwing “progressive” coaliton among the PSOE, anti-austerity party Podemos and Izquierda Unida (United Left).

A Metroscopia poll on behalf of the newspaper El País, conducted after King Felipe VI asked PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez to attempt to form the next government, showed the only option of five possible government coalition combinations to net a positive response was that of PSOE with Ciudadanos; all other party combinations were viewed negatively, most notably PSOE-Podemos, which was strongly rejected.

Metroscopia’s poll concurs with an NC Report on behalf of the newspaper La Razón, showing 36 percent of voters favor a PSOE-Ciudadanos accord versus 29 percent in favor of a PSOE-Podemos pact.

Both polls show a shift in sentiment away from Podemos since the King selected Sánchez to try to put together a government; a mid-January poll by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS) indicated the popularity of Podemos appeared to have increased after the Dec. 20th general election and the party could overtake PSOE in the balloting if new elections were to be called.

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