Facebook now considers bullfights objectionable content, along with hunting, pornography & bullying

Tweet announcing Facebook inclusion of bullfighting as 'objectionable' from @PACMA. Image PACMA via Twitter
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• Global social network’s move hailed by Spanish animal-rights advocates •

Facebook has decided to run the risk of alienating bullfighting aficionados in Spain and now considers bullfights along with hunting and pornography as a justifiable option for denouncing photos as “inappropriate content” on the social networking platform.

Facebook has long given its users the option of removing and blocking from the user’s news feed content sonsidered bothersome or objectional, but the move to include bullfights along with hunting is a new development likely to meet with resistance from the pro-bullfighting lobby in Spain.

Spanish animal-rights groups PACMA and Libera! have welcomed the move by Facebook, while pro-bullfighting groups say they will appeal the equation of what they say is a cultural festival with pornography, bullying and other objectionable content.

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