Nearly two-thirds of Spain’s 24,000 healthcare job losses since 2012 occurred in Valencia, Andalusia

Healthcare job losses in Spain, 2012-2015. Graphic: La Opinión de Malaga
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• Valencia, Andalusia, Madrid and Castile-La Mancha hardest hit regions •

Layoffs and a hiring freeze to replace retiring healthcare workers under the administration of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s conservative ruling Partido Popular (PP) resulted in the loss of 24,189 positions over a three-year period in Spain’s national healthcare system, falling from a total of 505,185 in 2012 to 480,996 in 2015.

Figures from the Statistical Bulletin of the Ministry of Finance reported by the newspaper La Opinión de Malaga show that the regions hardest hit by the healthcare job losses were Valencia, with 9,493 positions lost for 39.2 percent of the national total, followed by Andalusia, with 5,826 jobs lost in the region for 24.08 percent of the total nationwide.

The lost positions are the result of downsizing of the healthcare sector, which under the Rajoy government has seen reduced work weeks, staff layoffs, a three-year freeze on wage increases and a hiring freeze on replacements for positions left vacant due to retirement.

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